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San Angelo, TX Aero Seal

Aeroseal Duct Sealing Services in San Angelo

Lengthen the Lifespan of Your System with Aeroseal Technology

We are proud to be the only company within 100 miles that offers Aeroseal duct sealing technology to help reduce your energy use and extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. This technology uses vinyl polymers that bind together and seal up to 90% of the leaks in your ductwork, resulting in increased airflow while preventing pests and unwanted particles from entering your system. By stopping these irritants, our San Angelo Aeroseal duct sealing experts will improve your indoor air quality and lower your energy use by up to 30%.

We want you to live comfortably with an efficient and long-lasting HVAC system. Call Air Dynamics today at (325) 655-2515!

Aeroseal & The Inflation Reduction Act

  • Homeowners can take the $1,200 air sealing tax credit every year until December 2032.
  • The $1,200 tax credit does not include labor.
  • Section 25C Tax Credit will expand from 10% to 30% beginning in 2023.
  • Tax credits for heat pumps ($2,000), electric panels for heat pump ($600), and heat pump hot water heaters ($2,000) are included.
  • State, local, and/or utility rebates can be layered, but the homeowner must subtract the rebated amount from the total cost of improvement before claiming a federal tax credit.

HOMES Rebate (Home Owner Managing Energy Savings)

  • Rebates are based on the percentage of energy savings.
  • Rebate doubles up to 80% of project cost for low-and-moderate income.
  • $2000 or 50% of project cost for retrofits achieving modeled energy savings of 20-35%.
  • $4000 or 50% of retrofit costs for homes achieving modeled energy savings of at least 35%.
  • Multi-family, also qualifies on per unit basis, is capped at $200,000 per building achieving 20-35% savings and $400,000 for 35% + saving(s).

High Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Program (HEERs)

  • Low-income households eligible for a rebate up to 100% of project costs.
  • Contractors do not have to determine the income eligibility of the homeowner.
  • Provides a rebate of $1,600 for things like insulation, air sealing, and ventilation.
  • Moderate income households eligible for a rebate up to 50% of project costs.
  • Homeowners are allowed up to $14,000 in total credits.
  • Rebates for heat pump water heaters ($1750), heat pump space heating or cooling ($8000), electric wiring ($2500), and electric stovetop/cooking ($840) are also included.

How to Know if You’re Experiencing Duct Leakage

Your ductwork might look brand new, but with each metal-to-metal connection, there is the chance for leakage. 95% of all homes experience leaks within their air ducts. This can cause up to 40% of air to leave your system before reaching the vent. On average, 30 cents of every dollar you spend on energy is wasted because of the leaks in your HVAC system.

If you’re experiencing these problems, call our team of experts to seal the leaks in your ductwork:

  • Uneven room temperatures: If the rooms furthest from your air supply are not as comfortable as others, this could be because of duct leakage. This is also a sign that your system might need repair. No matter what problem you’re facing, Air Dynamics is prepared to help.
  • Poor airflow: Like varying room temperatures, the spaces further from the main units will experience less airflow than those that are closer. Aeroseal technology stops leaks from weakening airflow in your home.
  • You’re experiencing increased dust and allergens: Leaks in your ductwork create negative pressure inside the home causing dirty, hot attic and crawlspace air to be pulled into the home. This results in humidity issues, excessive dirt and dust, increased allergies, and overall comfort issues. Our team is ready to help improve your indoor air quality and promote wellbeing.
  • An increased utility bill: If your utility bill has exponentially increased recently this might be because of duct leakage. Even if you haven’t noticed a sudden increase in your energy, compare costs between seasons. Your system could be losing efficiency slowly over time, making it harder to notice an increase in cost. Air Dynamics is prepared to help restore the efficiency in your system and save you money with Aeroseal technology.

San Angelo, TX Aero Seal

Why Choose Aeroseal Duct Sealing Technology?

Aeroseal seals the ductwork, eliminates Air loss in the attic, reduces the negative air in the living space. Lower negative air means less bad air is being pulled into the living space from the attic and crawl space resulting in less dust, and allergens in the home.

We want you to breathe comfortably with an innovation that is designed to help. Aeroseal technology uses an organic compound that doesn’t emit harmful fumes to keep your pets and loved ones safe. During the initial inspection, we’ll identify and fix any broken or disconnected ducts to make sure that Aeroseal duct sealing works as effectively as possible. We don’t want to cause too much deviation from your daily routine. Because Aeroseal dries in about two hours but can last up to 40 years in your home, you can go back to living comfortably in no time with technology that’s meant to last a long time.

Our team is committed to improving your indoor air quality and lengthening the lifespan of your HVAC system. Our San Angelo Aeroseal duct sealing services are a great start to lowering your energy costs and keeping clean air in your home. Air Dynamics provides other services like UV sanitation and in-duct air purifiers to continue helping your family breathe easier.

San Angelo, TX Aero Seal report

Contact our team today for the indoor air quality you and your family deserve.

Check out a video about how Aeroseal works below!

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